What is Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga is the latest cross-platform adventure game developed by King.com. It can be played on a wide range of mobile devices as well as on a laptop or PC. The basic concept of Saga is that you must match 3 pieces of candy on a specific board by moving the pieces around. If it sounds simple, it is at least in the early levels, but as you progress the game becomes more challenging.

Getting Started

Once you create your account and log in, you will be greeted by the Candy Man. His job is to walk you through a tutorial designed to teach you basic game play. Your tutorial includes being asked to help quell a few bandits to help you get used to the mechanics of play.

The game play itself is relatively simple, you will work your way across the board, stopping at the different spaces. Each space requires you to take part in a match three game. The only way you can progress in the game is to complete the challenge.

The game has three different types of level for you to play. These are the Jelly level, the Ingredients Levels, and special timed levels.

Game Play Explained

Basic game play could not be much easier. You are presented with a screen containing numerous candies. All you have to do is move a candy until you have created a row or column of at least three candies. If you can arrange to have four or more candies in a row or column, you earn a prize which is a special type of candy.

You have as long as you need to complete each level unless you are playing a timed level. The only real limits placed on you is the number of moves you are allowed to make in order to complete the level and move on.

Once you complete the level, the "Candy Crush" will be triggered and any special candies on your board will be crushed, rewarding you with a higher score. Each level has a different goal, for instance in the Jelly level you must remove all of the Jellies before you can move on.

The ingredients level requires you to move the candies around until all of the ingredients have been dropped from the top of your board to the bottom. Finally the timed level is very straightforward, you must build as many combinations as you can in a set time period to reach a predetermined score.

Candy Crush Saga is easy to play, the perfect way to spend time on the bus as you head in to work. It can be addictive yet harmless as the only thing you have to lose is the time you invest in playing.

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