Hot Tips to Help You Beat Candy Crush Saga

There are many different ways you can play Candy Crush Saga, but in the end, the goal is to clear each level with the highest score. There are of course many different ways you can achieve this, the most obvious of which is to take the time to master each strategy. At the same time there are a number of Candy Crush tips and cheats that can help you achieve your goal. Bear in mind that simply clearing each board in the least number of moves, will not necessarily net you the highest score. These tips can help you get further and score higher.

Save Your Money

Don't waste your money buying Candy Crush power ups. Not only is this an incredible waste of money, you will never learn to play the game. They are expensive and may still not help you overcomes some of the more difficult levels.

Use the Candy Combinations

Rather than using each power candy when it shows up, wait as long as you can for more of them to pop up on the board. You can the swap them around with others to make the best use of each one's special action. Once you have committed to memory what each one of them does, you will find it much easier to use them in combination with each to other for maximum effect. Popular combinations include using jelly fish with pink doughnuts, or wrapped candies with the striped ones. Try every combination until you find the ones that work best for your style of play.

More Moves Equal More Points

If all you are interested in is clearing the levels to progress, then by all means rush along. However, if you are like most players, you are probably looking for high scores.  By playing to beat each level in the minimum number of moves, you are cheating yourself out of potential points that could take your scores to new heights.

In many cases you may find it better to extend your game for a few extra moves. This might give the game time to drop extra bonus candies. More importantly, a few extra moves will give you time to use everything you have on the board and raise your score significantly. Playing your candies takes skill, you have to make sure you use them wisely rather than leaving them all to the end as their special effects may cancel each other out, leaving your score far short of where it should be.

These are only three suggestions intended to help you get started and make the most of your time playing Candy Crush Saga. By taking your time and learning how each bonus candy or item works in the earliest stages of the game, you should have very little problem with the advanced levels.

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